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Bone grafting is an advanced dental procedure that harvests your own bone tissue (autogenous) or uses other human bone (allograft) or animal bone (xenograft) to add volume and density to your jaw when you have experienced bone loss. The talented and skilled dental care team at Shadle Smiles offers experienced bone grafting at our state-of-the-art dental clinic in northwest Spokane.

A bone graft does not add an extensive amount of bone to replace what may be missing after your own jawbone deteriorates. The bone graft serves as a sort of scaffolding to support your own natural bone regrowth, which is jumpstarted by the infusion of new bone material. In this way, your own natural bone regrows and integrates with the graft to increase healthy bone material for supporting your teeth and facial structure.

Most dental clinics do not offer bone grafting, requiring you to make yet another dental appointment at yet another location and get to know yet another oral care professional. Bone grafting falls under the specialist dental category of periodontics and is considered oral surgery. Shadle Smiles offers a comprehensive line of general dental care services in one location, including advanced bone grafts, by our skilled and extensively trained dentist.

Strengthen Your Jaw for New Teeth and Oral Health

Why would our dentist recommend offer virtual consultations and same day emergency dentistry and that you have a bone graft? There are several reasons, as bone grafting is a common dental procedure. Deterioration of your jaw bone can occur from advanced gum, or periodontal, disease, because of certain medications or from a genetic disposition. When our dentist detects deterioration in your jaw bone, he will recommend a bone graft to replace bone material for added strength.

Common reasons we recommend bone grafting include:

  • Preparing for dentures
  • Preparing for dental implants
  • Having a tooth extracted
  • Having a sinus lift for implants or facial structure enhancement

Our dentist and oral care team can recommend a bone graft, if needed, and explain more about how the procedure is carried out, as well as offering aftercare instructions for speedy recovery. Contact Shadle Smiles in Spokane today for an appointment, and ask about bone grafts and other general dental services we offer. We accept most dental insurance and even have in-house financing for your convenience.

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