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While some people are not bothered by a chipped or cracked tooth, most would like to have that tooth repaired. At Shadle Smiles, you have general dentistry choices about how your damaged tooth will be restored. We take into consideration the placement of the tooth in your smile line as well as the severity of the injury. Our dentist will offer you the options that will provide the most aesthetically pleasing result.

We begin by thoroughly examining the chipped or broken tooth to determine the most suitable method of repair. Minor chips may be repaired with dental bonding. If you have the part of the tooth that was chipped off, it may be possible to reattach it. If the damage is more severe and extends beyond the enamel into the softer layers of the tooth, the tooth may require a crown in order to function adequately and prevent further damage.

Repairs to Cracked or Broken Teeth

A tooth that is cracked or broken will also require a thorough examination, and diagnostic x-rays may be needed to determine the extent of the damage. Although at Shadle Smiles we do all we can to save the natural teeth, in some instances the damage is too extensive for repairs. When a crack extends below the gum line, repairing the tooth may not be an option. This is also the case when a tooth has been broken severely.

When repairs can be made to a cracked or broken tooth, the way in which the repairs are made are dependent on the severity of the injury. When a tooth incurs a clean break and no decay is involved, the broken piece might be reattached by using a dental bonding material. Bonding can also be used to repair cracked teeth as well. The bonding material is placed on both parts, and the tooth is essentially glued back together.

Broken Tooth Repair in Spokane, WA

Severe breaks may result in the tooth structure being built up so a repair can be made. In these cases, tooth colored composite is used to rebuild the missing or damaged tooth structure. If the damage is severe enough to compromise the integrity or strength of the tooth and affect its function, it may need a crown to restore it properly.

If you have a chipped, cracked or broken tooth, contact us at Shadle Smiles today to schedule your appointment. Our dentist will determine the best options for repair so your tooth can be restored back to its natural appearance.

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