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Large gaps caused by missing teeth can make your smile look unsightly. Closing those gaps will restore your smile, and if gaps affect missing back teeth, valuable chewing surface will be restored. If you avoid smiling because of missing teeth, contact the dental team at Shadle Smiles. We can restore your smile using one of our options for tooth replacement. Dental bridges are a great way to permanently close that gap.

Even though you may have a desire to replace your missing tooth or teeth for aesthetic reasons, there are also oral health issues that are eliminated when missing teeth are replaced. The space left when a tooth is missing can set in motion a cascade of events that can lead to more dental problems. The space allows adjacent teeth to drift out of alignment. Some may twist or lean into the space. The opposing tooth may also drift downward or upward depending on which tooth is missing. Shifting teeth can also develop food traps which can be challenging to keep clean. These areas become the breeding ground for bad bacteria, which causes plaque and tartar to develop, leading to gingivitis.

Dental bridges are dental prosthetics that fill the gap with natural-looking artificial teeth suspended on a “bridge” between the two teeth adjacent to the space. When an anterior tooth needs replacement, the bridge restores your smile. If back teeth need replacing, the dental bridge restores precious chewing surface.

Advantages of Dental Bridges

Missing front teeth have a very negative impact on the appearance of your smile. A dental bridge fills in that gap with artificial teeth that look natural. Besides the obvious advantages of a dental bridge, there are also practical advantages as well.

All of your teeth are designed for specific purposes. Anterior teeth tear and bite into food while posterior teeth grind the food into smaller particles which are easily digested. When your front teeth are missing, it is challenging to eat certain foods. When posterior teeth are missing, you do not have enough chewing surface to properly chew your food into the smaller pieces necessary for optimum digestion. As a result, your body may not be getting the full nourishing benefits from the food you eat. Restoring the missing teeth allows you to fully enjoy your meals and eat a variety of healthy foods.

Missing teeth can also cause change to your speech patterns. A dental bridge helps improve your speech and eliminates the lisps and whistles that can occur when certain teeth are missing.

Shadle Smiles is committed to helping you achieve your best and healthiest smile. If you have teeth that need to be replaced, contact our dental practice and schedule an appointment so we can discuss your options.

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