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While most people may not care for dental treatments, there are some that experience anxiety or fear when going to the dentist. This discomfort is very real, and it can stop some patients from receiving the oral care they need to maintain a healthy smile. Our team at Shadle Smiles understands that patients with dental phobia and anxiety need specialized care for their visits. We offer a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere and sedation options for our patients with a fear of the dentist.

There are many reasons patients experience different levels of dental anxiety. Many patients have had poor experiences at a dental office as a child or at any point in their life. For others, it could be a severe gag reflex or discomfort in close situations that makes dental care stressful. Whatever the reason, it is important to not let this anxiety or phobia stand between you and a healthy smile.

For our patients with dental phobia, we will take the time to discuss the different options available. We can schedule appointments at the best time of day for the patient to help relieve their stress. Our office is designed to be relaxing and comfortable, with diversions to keep your mind occupied. For those that need extra help to relax before and during their visits, we offer sedation dentistry for dental anxiety.

Sedation for Dental Anxiety

One of the best ways to combat dental phobia or anxiety is with sedation. Our office in Spokane, WA, offers both nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation to provide a stress-free experience for our patients. Those with mild or moderate dental anxiety can benefit from nitrous oxide during their treatments. For severe dental anxiety or phobia, we may recommend oral conscious sedation. This provides a higher level of sedation – most patients do not even remember their treatment. Our dentist can discuss if either of these options may be right for you before your first treatment.

Your oral health is important to your overall wellness and the appearance of your smile. Patients with dental phobia or anxiety that are afraid of the dentist can get the care they need at Shadle Smiles. Contact our office in the Spokane area to find out more about sedation and other options to cope with your dental anxiety.

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