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A smile that is missing a few teeth is not one that is very appealing to look at. Missing teeth affect more than just your oral health. When your smile is compromised, it can affect your sense of well-being, as well as your self-esteem and self-confidence. At Shadle Smiles, we can restore your smile with beautifully made dentures that look natural and feel wonderful.

A beautiful smile is only part of the reason you should replace those missing teeth. Your oral health is compromised when you do not have a full set of teeth. It may affect your general health as well if you cannot eat nourishing foods due to lack of teeth or proper chewing surface. Did you know that people who are missing all their teeth have a higher incidence of chronic kidney problems? Replacing your missing teeth helps restore your oral health and can help you regain overall general health as well.

Traditional dentures are an economical solution for replacing missing teeth. These dentures are made from acrylic with natural looking teeth. They fit comfortably over your gums and restore your smile and your ability to eat the foods you love. At Shadle Smiles, we take the time to make sure your new dentures fit well and provide you with the best-looking smile possible.

Partial Dentures

Sometimes several teeth are missing, or perhaps a few on either side of the upper or lower jaw. In this situation, you do not need a full denture to replace your teeth. A partial denture replaces the missing teeth and is a great alternative when a dental bridge cannot be used. Individuals who do not qualify for dental implants or dental bridgework will find partial dentures a fine alternative. Partial dentures are removable like traditional dentures. However, unlike traditional dentures, partial dentures are not a full mouthpiece. They are held on by clasps that attach to existing teeth, although custom attachments can also be designed for some patients.

Give yourself a boost in self-esteem and enhance your appearance by replacing those missing teeth. Contact Shadle Smiles today, and get your oral health back on track with new dentures.

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