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Replacing your missing teeth with dentures can give you back your smile, but traditional dentures take some getting used to. The slipping and sliding of the dentures can be uncomfortable, and accidental loss of their dentures embarrasses some people. A solution is fixed or hybrid dentures that are anchored in place, a restorative dentistry option we offer at Shadle Smiles.

Hybrid dentures look and feel more like natural teeth than conventional dentures. They have a partial pink acrylic portion that resembles gum tissue, and they do not cover the top of the mouth like regular dentures. For the patient, the hybrid denture feels more like their real teeth when talking and eating. The stability of fixed dentures improves all functions, keeping the teeth in place when chewing crunchy or sticky foods.

The key to the “fixed” portion of hybrid dentures are using dental implants. A few dental implants are used per denture to secure it in place. Once attached to the implants, the hybrid denture does not need to be removed. It can be kept in the mouth 24/7 and cleaned like natural teeth.

Are Fixed Dentures Right for You?

If you are considering fixed hybrid implant dentures, you will need to be evaluated to ensure they are right for you. Although you will only need a few implants, you need to have enough bone to support the implants. However, most patients can qualify for fixed dentures, even those with some bone loss. Our restorative dentists can discuss options like bone grafting and other procedures to improve the support for the implants.

Patients love the freedom, feel and look of fixed hybrid dentures. For the first time in many years, they feel confident about eating the foods they love and to share their smile with the world. Fixed dentures are also more affordable than full implant restorations, which is a better fit for many people’s budgets.

If you have lost most or all your teeth, dentures can give you back your complete smile and mouth function. Hybrid fixed dentures with implants can give you a secure, stable smile that looks and feels more like your natural teeth. To schedule a consultation to discuss hybrid dentures, contact Shadle Smiles in Spokane, WA, to book your appointment.

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