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There are many ways in which missing teeth can be replaced with artificial teeth. One of the most popular methods now available is dental implant restorations. These types of restorations for missing teeth use dental implants to reconstruct your smile and restore oral health. Dental implant restorations can replace one tooth or many. They are also used to create dental implant bridges and full and partial dentures.

Dental implant restorations are the better alternative to replacing missing teeth. This is because they look and feel more natural than other restorations. They also make a big difference in your oral health. The implant process is accomplished in stages. It begins with a thorough examination to ensure that the bone is healthy enough to support an implant. Some individuals may need to undergo bone grafting to build up the supporting bone sufficiently to support the implant.

After the initial examination, a treatment plan is developed for the patient. During this phase, your dentist will let you know if a bone graft is needed and if so, how it will be accomplished. If a bone graft is not required, the next step will be placing the implant.

A minor surgery is required to place the implant, which is a small screw-like titanium post. This is placed in the jawbone and given time to heal and fuse with the bone. The healing process generally lasts from three to six months, depending on the overall health of the patient and the complexity of the procedure.

The final step in the procedure is the restoration process in which the abutment piece is placed on the implant. Dental crowns are then fabricated in the lab and finished. The crown is then placed on the abutment piece and checked for fit and comfort.

Implant Repairs

Dental implants have a high rate of success. At the same time, there can occasionally be problems. The two most common issues with implants include a type of gum disease called peri-implantitis that can occur around the implant. There can also be issues with the implant crown. If the crown is chipped or damaged, it will need to be replaced.

Of the two, peri-implantitis is the more concerning. This is an inflammatory disease that can cause loss of supporting bone tissue. The gums around the implant become inflamed and infected and, as in periodontitis, the infection can affect the bone beneath the gum. This disease can lead to failure of the implant. In many cases, if the implant fails, once the area is cleaned and healthy again, a new implant can be placed.

If you are considering replacing missing teeth, you may want to consider the new gold standard of dental implant restorations. Contact Shadle Smiles today to schedule a consultation appointment.

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