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Shadle Smiles Children's Dentistry

There are few things more precious than a child’s beautiful smile. Keep your child’s smile bright and healthy with regular dental visits. Shadle Smiles offers pediatric dentistry to help little ones maintain healthy teeth and gums. We also provide information for parents so they can help their kids develop lifelong habits of good oral hygiene.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has established guidelines to help keep kids’ teeth and gums in optimal condition. One of their recommendations is that the child’s first visit to the dentist should occur when the first tooth erupts, or by the first birthday. Early visits to the dentist not only help your child get used to going to the dental office, but they also ensure that your child’s oral health is at its best. As a parent, learning how to properly care for your child’s teeth when they first appear can be the difference between a healthy smile and pain and discomfort as your child grows older.

Shadle Smiles’ staff is well equipped to provide your kids with an enjoyable and relaxed visit to the dental office. We interact with the kids and help them feel at ease and comfortable. First visits are important since they lay a foundation for future interactions with the dentist. They also help shape your child’s view of maintaining good oral health in the future. Your child’s experience in our non-threatening environment can help prevent future fears and anxiety about visits to the dental office.

We Love Your Kids!

At Shadle Smiles, we take the time to develop a rapport with your child. We are committed to helping kids feel at ease and comfortable in the dental chair. Taking time to get to know our young patients is important. We like to encourage their questions and invite them to have conversations with us about oral health. Teaching youngsters how to take good care of their teeth is an important part of what we do here at Shadle Smiles. Communicating with them in terms they can understand is critical in helping them feel at home and valued.

Whether you or your kids have questions about oral health, we are happy to answer them and provide you with information you can use. We look forward to providing excellent, gentle dental care to all members of your family. Contact Shadle Smiles today to schedule appointments for the whole family.

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