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When choosing dentures for teeth replacement, there are several options available. The conventional denture is the removable option that uses the gums and adhesive to hold it in place. Other restorative dentistry options are fixed or hybrid dentures that use three or more implants to hold a hybrid denture in place. At Shadle Smiles, we also offer overdentures, an implant-supported denture that may be right for some of our patients.

Implant-supported overdentures offer the benefit of implant stability combined with a more conventional denture. The overdenture can snap or screw onto a few implants to hold it securely in place. Compared to conventional dentures, this offers a better experience for patients when eating or talking. The dentures will not slip out of place, and there is more strength for chewing versus traditional, removable dentures.

While hybrid dentures offer a fixed, permanent solution for smile restorations, they are more expensive than overdentures. Most fixed hybrid dentures require at least 3-6 dental implants, which can cost a few thousand dollars per implant. While implant-supported overdentures do use implants, they require fewer implants than the hybrid option, usually costing less for a full mouth restoration.

Are Implant-Supported Overdentures Right for You?

At Shadle Smiles, our restorative dentists can find the best solution for replacing your missing teeth. We offer the most innovative smile restorations, from All-on-3 and All-on-4 to hybrid dentures and overdentures. We will evaluate your bone density to support dental implants and consider your budget and cost restrictions. For many patients, an overdenture with implants can offer the advantage of stable implant-supported dentures without the higher cost of other implant restorations.

If you are a suitable candidate for implant overdentures, you will undergo implant surgery to add your implant supports. Your dentures will be created to fit your mouth and attach to the implant supports. Once the implants heal, the overdentures can be fitted and snapped into place to give you a beautiful, secure new smile.

To learn more about implant-supported overdentures and all our restorative dentistry options at Shadle Smiles, contact our office in Spokane, WA, to schedule your smile restoration consultation.

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