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Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime, so it is important to keep them clean and healthy. Preventive dentistry helps you maintain your best oral health, but sometimes dental problems are unavoidable. When you have missing teeth and need to have them replaced, Shadle Smiles provides a variety of restorative dentistry services to keep your smile intact and healthy.

We offer a variety of restorative dental alternatives for our patients so they will not be locked into only one or two options. Traditional solutions such as dentures and dental bridges are available and cost-effective for many patients on limited budgets. Dental implants offer excellent permanent results for those who are suitable candidates for the procedure. Our restorative dental treatments will have your smile looking its best, and your oral health will be restored. Our options include:

A consultation appointment and thorough oral examination will help determine the best option for replacing your missing teeth.

Complete Dental Restorations

Some individuals can function well with missing teeth, or so they think. When you feel healthy and are not worried about the appearance of your smile, you may not feel that investing in replacing those missing teeth is necessary. Although you may feel fine, the truth is it may affect your health in subtle ways that you may not be aware of.

Your body absorbs much needed nutrients from the foods you eat. Chewing your food into the smallest pieces helps the body get the most from these foods. If you are missing valuable chewing surface, you are most likely not breaking down your food sufficiently. Consequently, the body cannot absorb the most nutrition from these foods. Your digestive system is being affected, and your energy level may not be what it could be. Some healthier foods may be too difficult to chew. Restoring your missing teeth will eliminate these issues.

Dental implants and dentures can restore your ability to chew your food for optimal uptake of important nutrients. You will be able to eat all your favorite foods again and your smile will look great. Contact Shadle Smiles to schedule a consultation and examination to find out which restorative procedure will be best for replacing your missing teeth.

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