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An infected tooth is not to be ignored or neglected. Besides causing a great amount of pain, an abscessed tooth can be lethal if it is not properly cared for. The discomfort you feel with an infected tooth may cause you to think it needs to be extracted, however, that may not be the best option. Root canal therapy eliminates the pain and infection while salvaging your tooth. Whenever possible it is important to keep your natural teeth intact, and when root canal therapy is an option, it should be used.

The space left by missing teeth can cause a host of problems that can lead to serious oral health problems over time. These gaping spaces can also cause changes in your bone structure, appearance and your smile. Sometimes extraction is the only option available, but not always. Saving a tooth with root canal therapy keeps the bone healthy, prevents other dental problems from developing and keeps your smile intact as well.

An infected tooth often has enough healthy tooth structure uninvolved in the decay to make it a good candidate for root canal therapy. The procedure removes the decayed tissue in the tooth and the root canal where the infected nerve and blood vessels are.

Root Canals Offer Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

Many people have heard that root canal therapy is painful. In truth, the pain and discomfort are a result of infection in the nerve and blood vessels within the root canal. Often an abscess forms at the apex of the root causing swelling and more pain. Root canal therapy addresses these issues by removal of the dead and decaying nerve and blood vessels and draining of the abscess. When the infection is treated and removed from the tooth, the pain disappears.

Special dental instruments are used to thoroughly clean out the decayed and infected tissues. Once the canal has been cleaned out, it is then sterilized and sealed off so bacteria cannot enter the canal. The tooth is then filled with an appropriate filling material. Your dentist may suggest the tooth be fully restored by placing a crown on it. Since the nerve and blood vessels are no longer bringing nourishment to the tooth, it can become brittle over time. A dental crown restores the strength and stability of the tooth.

If you are suffering from tooth pain, contact Shadle Smiles today to schedule an appointment. We will thoroughly examine your tooth to determine the source of your pain. Ignoring the pain and neglecting your tooth could lead to more serious problems.

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