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There have been many advancements with medical and dental technology. Improve imaging and other devices have improved the efficiency and effectiveness of dental care. At Shadle Smiles in Spokane, WA, we have invested in the latest innovations in dental technology to give our patients the best dental care possible. Our technology allows us to provide patient-centric dental care that saves time and improves the results of our treatments.

3D Cone Beam

One of the most useful options in new dental technology is the use of 3D cone beam imaging. While we still use x-rays for routine exams and checkups, some oral conditions require more intricate imaging for diagnosis and treatment. With 3D cone beam scanning, a detailed image can be created of the teeth, jaw and skull. This allows for better preparation for precise procedures like dental implants or oral surgery. It can also improve all types of restorative dentistry and orthodontic treatments.

3D cone beam scanning is a digital imaging process that is non-invasive and completed in just a few minutes. There is minimal radiation required for this imaging option, but it can greatly improve the accuracy of many procedures we provide, including dental implants, dental restorations and orthodontics.

Intraoral Camera

Interactive patient care is important to our dental team at Shadle Smiles. We want our patients to be involved in their dental treatments and understand the value of undergoing different procedures. We use intraoral camera technology that gives patients an opportunity to see what our dentist and dental team see inside the mouth.

An intraoral camera uses a small handheld device with a digital camera to take pictures inside your mouth. You can see your teeth on a monitor in real time while our dentist explains the results of your exam or treatment. We believe that information and education are important parts of dental care, providing patients with the details they need to make good decisions about their oral care.

Our technology at Shadle Smiles helps improve the comfort and care for our patients. We have invested in the latest options in imaging, tools and equipment for efficient and effective dental care. To learn more about the advanced technology we use at our office, contact our office in Spokane, WA.

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