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We believe in preventive dentistry at Shadle Smiles and do all we can to prevent tooth loss. There are times, however, when a tooth needs to be removed. When those times come, you want the procedure to be as painless and as gentle as possible. This is the type of oral care we provide at Shadle Smiles. There are many reasons you may need a tooth extracted and whatever the reason, we make sure you are comfortable, relaxed and well informed of what is about to occur.

Tooth extraction may be needed when a tooth is severely decayed and cannot be saved. When decay damages most of the tooth structure and extends below the gum line, the tooth needs to be removed. Periodontal disease can lead to tooth extraction as well. If the gums have receded significantly and infection has caused the bone to resorb to the point where the tooth is no longer supported, an extraction is usually required.

Impacted teeth are another example of a case where removal is advised. Wisdom teeth are notorious for being impacted and usually removed before they cause further damage. Occasionally, other teeth may become impacted because of overcrowding.

Gentle, Compassionate Extractions

Our dental office is equipped with instruments that make tooth removal virtually painless. Advancements in materials and techniques have improved the extraction process such that the patient can have a relaxed and comfortable experience while undergoing the procedure. At Shadle Smiles, we provide a relaxing atmosphere as well as sedative dentistry for patients who need help to relax.

We give you the information you need before the procedure to ensure you know what to expect. We are committed to making sure our patients understand why this procedure is necessary to maintain their oral health.

After we have determined the tooth needs to be removed, we make sure we adequately anesthetize the area before the procedure. Patients experiencing a high level of anxiety can choose to opt for sedation to help them relax. After the anesthesia takes full effect, we extract the tooth. Posterior teeth have more than one root, and the extraction process may take a little more time than that of anterior teeth which have one root.

After the extraction is complete, we will give you information on how to care for the extraction site. Following the instructions is important to promote healing and minimize the possibility of complications.

Tooth extraction can seem like an intimidating procedure. At Shadle Smiles, we ensure you are well informed about the process, comfortable and relaxed. Your comfort is one of our top priorities. When you need a tooth extracted, contact Shadle Smiles for gentle, caring tooth removal.

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