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The biggest drawback of traditional dentures is that they can move when you talk or eat. Adhesive and suction are used to hold them in place, but dentures can slip and slide when chewing tough foods or even when talking. Dental implants are used in a variety of ways to secure different types of dentures. One restorative dentistry option at Shadle Smiles is an implant overdenture that uses implant anchors to secure dentures in place. We use Zest Anchors™ for some of our overdenture options, which can improve the performance of dentures.

While implant-supported hybrid or overdentures offer many benefits, they are not right for every patient. Some patients do not have the bone structure needed to support a longer dental implant. Other patients may not be able to afford the cost of several implants to support their hybrid dentures or overdentures. Snap-in overdentures use implants to secure the prosthesis in place, but there are fewer implants, and they are smaller in size.

Zest Anchors™ offer an overdenture support system with an innovative design to allow more patients to enjoy the benefits of implant-supported overdentures. The implants can support a full or partial arch to restore missing teeth while offering the stability of implants. For patients with anatomical or financial limitations, Zest Anchors™ overdenture solutions may be a better option than other dental implant restorations.

Are Zest Anchors™ Right for You?

All implant-supported overdentures offer better function than traditional dentures. They can secure dentures in place for improved appearance and stability. Plus, implants stimulate bone growth in the jaw to preserve the facial structure. With Zest Anchors™, many patients who are not suitable candidates for regular dental implants can still enjoy these benefits. If you have been told you are not a good candidate for implants due to bone loss, or hybrid dentures are too expensive for your budget, you may be a great candidate for overdentures supported by Zest Anchors™ locator implants.

To learn more about all the dental implant restoration options we offer at Shadle Smiles, contact our dental center in Spokane, WA, to schedule your restorative consultation. We offer many solutions, including affordable overdentures supported by Zest Anchors™.

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